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Join UMOJA MN Educational Team and get a unique opportunity to model cultural competent educational leadership and contribute to the flourishing of adopted and foster children in your community .

We are intentional about building an educational team that is often called for but rarely realized for children of color. Our team is an intentional about modeling a diverse, representative, equitable, and inclusive community of educators. Our team is not only passionate about being excellent role models, administrators, counselors, teachers and passionate change-makers but conscious of the value of their excellence and passion being a part of the educational experience of campers. On our team we are empowered to encourage, support, and explore the beauty of Black culture, heritage and excellence alongside campers of various ages while providing safe space for them to build community with other campers .On our team we empower  in our space to grow and develop as ambassadors and advocates and welcome them into a village of passionately aware and driven Education Team is responsible for providing the best experience possible for youth engaged in UMOJA MN camps and programming. 

Upcoming camp weekends:

October 18-20, 2019, Oak Ridge Conference Center, Chaska, MN.  Together we will explore various music genres and the artists that help create and influence the music we listen to today. We will feature local musicians, teachers and music schools. Campers will create and perform musical pieces they learn during the weekend.

Open Positions

  • UMOJA MN Education Lead: Act as educational administrators during UMOJA MN programming. Serve on a team of leaders to plan and prepare for youth programming prior to the start of each camp. Work with Associate Program Manager to design, plan, and implement educational curricula in UMOJA MN “schools”, namely LSU, ESU, MSU, and HSU. Will manage “school-based” documents and information. Prepare, distribute, and collect materials from classroom facilitators/ formerly known teachers. Set a positive and enthusiastic example for scholars for the duration of the program. Model appropriate behavior, language, and enthusiasm. 
  • UMOJA MN Educational Team Operations Assistant: Provides operational, logistical, administrative support before and during camp. Support classrooms by providing materials, and managing operations and logistics of programming. 
  • UMOJA MN Youth Counselor: The “counselors” of UMOJA. Work with Educational leads to co-create learning opportunities focused on providing social emotional support to campers and  opportunities for building relevant curricula around topics relevant to program population like race, foster care, adoption, identity, navigating transition, trauma, etc. Provide space and support for campers to share their stories in safe space during UMOJA MN camps. Provide social emotional support to UMOJA youth participants. 
  • UMOJA MN Classroom Facilitator: Work with education lead to prepare and learn educational curriculum. Facilitators interact with and supervise scholars and ensure their safety. Advisors and Program Support report to the Education Lead for their UMOJA school. Create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all campers. Effectively deliver 8 – 10 hours of curriculum according to lesson plans provided the day of camp.  

*All volunteers will need a background check with fingerprints prior to volunteering.

Please Maliza Kalema if interested in more:

We hope you will join us as we celebrate Black culture and empower adoptive, kinship, and foster families, at UMOJA MN.