Join UMOJA MN and contribute to the flourishing of adopted and foster children in your community.

UMOJA MN Camp Counselors play an immensely important role! With a unique opportunity to impact children as role models, counselors are empowered to encourage, support, and explore the beauty of Black culture alongside campers of various ages.

Event Volunteers work behind the scenes to co-create an environment conducive for community connection and learning. Volunteers in this role assist in preparing the venue, welcoming and serving UMOJA MN families, and assisting guest speakers and presenters as needed.

Specialty Volunteers are the creative talent that contribute their gifts to make each UMOJA experience unique. The UMOJA MN leadership team loves to include local professionals to build community in the St. Paul and Minneapolis Metro area. This role may include; photographers, videographers, or guest performers looking to build their resume.

When you join UMOJA MN as a volunteer, you become a part of our UMOJA MN community. We empower volunteers to be ambassadors and advocates for our goals of, which is to celebrate Black culture, be a safe place for racial identity work, and equip families with the skills necessary to navigate the social construct of race.

Reach out to Arielle Grant at agrant@evolveservices.org to learn more.