Welcome Robert L. O’Connor MSW


Intentional Parenting: Race & Culture

Whenever a child joins a family through adoption from another culture, the family becomes a multicultural family. In our multicultural families, workplaces and communities we tend to leave much to chance versus choice when it comes to creating supportive and peaceful environments. This session will help families examine how parents can become positive agents of change to create strong, thriving communities and families. Participants will also learn the following objectives:

  • Identity what “intentional” parenting is and why it is important for multicultural families
  • Help your child develop a strong sense self and cultural/racial identity
  • Strategies for being agents/allies of change for multiculturalism

Robert O’Connor has more than 20 years of formal experience working with children and families who are at-risk for out-of-home placements. As a child, Robert and his siblings experienced multiple failed adoptions and foster care placements before being transracially adopted at the age of four. Today, Robert is Associate Professor of social work at Metropolitan State University, and director of the university’s Multicultural Title IV-E Program. He is a frequent speaker on cultural competency related topics in child welfare and the workplace, transracial adoption and leadership. Previously, Robert worked for the MN DHS in Adoption & Guardianship, and as a consultant for the federal Children’s Bureau’s National Resource Center for Adoption’s Training and Technical Assistance team.


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