Swahili | Unity

UMOJA MN is a Black Heritage camp created to empower adoptive, kinship, and foster families.

We Serve

Transracial families raising Black and multiracial youth
All children of African heritage
Kinship, adoptive, and foster parents, and siblings
Families preparing for adoption or foster care
Black adoptees and their families

For Campers of Color

To promote positive racial identity development
To build relationships with other Black campers
To promote a safe place for honest conversation
To learn from teachers, artists, experts and entrepreneurs of color

For Parents

To learn the necessity of and gain tools to navigate lifelong racial awareness
To become more knowledgeable of basic skin and hair care for Black children
To engage with the beauty of Black culture

UMOJA MN accomplishes these goals by providing a powerful weekend experience for the entire family, which includes adult learning opportunities, child and youth programming, and large group cultural celebrations.

We are the only culture camp of this nature in Minnesota and one of only four nationwide. While only three days in length, it is our hope that this camp will springboard families into a lifelong pursuit of cultural competency; equipped to address subtle and overt forms of racism.