Sometimes called an adoption heritage camp, UMOJA MN and UMOJA, INC will empower transracial families (primarily families with black children and parents of another culture) to raise children that will, have a positive black identity, be able to talk about race in an honest and open way, feel comfortable in all different cultures & handle basic skin and hair care.  We will do that by providing a powerful weekend experience for the entire family, which will include age appropriate breakout sessions and large group cultural celebrations.

In partnership with the successful UMOJA camp in Green Lake, WI and EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services, UMOJA MN celebrates black heritage in the Twin Cities Area and beyond.

We serve:

  • All types of Adoptive parents (single, married, same sex)
  • Black or multiracial children (birth -18 and into adulthood) born in the US, Africa or one of the diasporas
  • Siblings in adoptive / foster families (siblings are encouraged to attend)
  • Families still in the process of adoption
  • Families actively providing foster care
  • Adoptees of African descent and their children
  • And of course, extended families: Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, etc.

We hope to see you soon!

The Umoja Team